Yousif A. Salame | Director, Editor

Yousif Salame is a Director, Producer, and Editor, born in Kuwait, 1982. His extensive knowledge in the field of Audiovisual Arts attributed him with good judgment, aside from his noteworthy degree from Northern Kentucky University in Electronic Media and Broadcasting in 2011; which credited him with many opportunities. Along his years of education,Yousif had the privilege to work at the university’s station where he completed his studies, which granted him the convenience to direct televised shows of all sorts; from talk shows, to sports, and to graduation ceremonies, all which accorded him with immense experience working in live broadcasting. His passion towards directing, editing, and storytelling, along with being a good team leader certified him with features that qualifies him for this position. With compelling persistence, Yousif developed Fine Line Production and established its growth from nil to success, as his career flourished in the company, so did the projects he fulfilled, as he regards his work as a director in music videos, especially that of Noura Jarrar, to be one of effortful achievements, as well as his contribution in Phoenicia University’s commercial. Upon his arrival to Lebanon after graduation, he managed to work at LAU as a studio technician, as his post required him to offer workshops for the students that covered camera, lighting, and editing. Aside from that, his conducive experience at Future TV as a news assistant producer has helped him during his career to further broaden his capabilities. Notably, during his stay in the US, Yousif directed a feature film titled “Grandma’s hands”, which aligned him in an ample position. That and more, he then travelled to Qatar where he was assigned with a position at Qatar Foundation as a segment director on the stars of science program. After a long journey with amusing and accomplished experience, he founded Fine Line Production with his partners.